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September 18, 2015

For those of you have stuck with me since this journey began, thank you for hanging in with me! And for those of you who are new... Buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy ride!


A quick introduction: I started writing in 2010 when The Boss, The Girl and I moved to Georgia from New York. It wasn't until 2012 when the idea for the Shattered Lives series hit me. After a lot of craziness and drama, I published the first book in the series, Broken Dreams, on April 27th, 2014. I followed up with Awakened Desires on October 25th, 2014. This year, I published Fractured Hearts on April 27th, as well. On June 22nd 2015, my short story, A Little Taste, was published through Secret Hungers in the best-selling anthology, Just Desserts, which will be dissolved on October 4th, 2015. This will give me the publishing rights back and allow me to publish A Little Taste on my own.


I was honored and privileged to be apart of the Just Desserts project. I learned so much about this industry and my writing. It's been an exciting few months with it hitting and staying at the top of the charts. I will be publishing with Secret Hungers again in the future. I'm very excited for this upcoming project.


Before the end of the year, I plan to publish Blind Faith (Shattered Lives, Book Four). I had excellent feedback from my betas and I am excited to get this novel out to you! This book moves the series in a different direction. Hence, the change in the cover design.


I am currently working on the first draft of Full Circle (Shattered Lives, Book Five). There will be six full length novels and at least one novella. There is a possibility that an additional one may happen. We shall see. I, also, have a few more stories started. One that will be released with Secret Hungers and the other I'm still keeping a little quiet. I have a plan with that one and my team and I are going to keep our lips zipped tight about that right now.


Including myself, I have a five member core team put together. We are going to do our best to continue to push me through the bottleneck. After all, we have one goal in mind... World domination.






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