October 1, 2015



The next installment in the Shattered Lives series, Blind Faith, will be published on December 15th, 2015! I am so excited to bring you this novel. It moves the series along and into a different direction. We move from a stagnant lifestyle to more. So much more. Once again, everything that you thought to be true isn't. You will find out an extremely important fact from page one, which will also help you understand the cover. I can't wait to hear your reactions.


Writing Blind Faith was beyond difficult. I found myself not wanting the story end the way it does, but I have to write the manuscript as it comes or the novel wouldn't be authentic. It was devestating for me and felt like a dagger in my heart because I have invested so much on an emotional level. I kind of feel like a certain character betrayed me and I almost not willing to forgive them. There were moments when I couldn't open the file and deal with what was happening.


This novel really focuses in on Henry, his relationship with Elaina and his mental instability. It also deals heavily with Gunther and all his feelings after Fractured Hearts. Which, I will say, was difficult as well. I'm not sure who was harder for me to write! But I will say, there is some happiness. Be prepared to smile a little.


Blind Faith will also dive into getting to know more of the secondary characters-the other survivors who showed up. I really loved writing Chris and Jake. They have such a great chemistry together, but everyone has a secret. The proverbial skeleton in the closet.


Soon my editor will be handing the manuscript and synopsis back to me for first round edits. Once I've finalized the synopsis, I will post that. It's all very exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!




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