Blind Faith Synopsis!

October 27, 2015


Hey all! I hope you've been enjoying the Zombie Crawl! If you haven't entered yet, see THIS post. There are ton of prizes throughout all the sites!


Great news! I am about to start working on the second round edits for Blind Faith (Shattered Lives, Book Four)! Also, the finalized synopsis is in! I will come back soon with a sneak peek.




There is no true faith until one follows blindly.


Henry and Elaina Daniels continue to build their relationship, but everything comes crashing down around what stability they have established. Even with the birth of their baby and a journey back north, Henry tumbles further into his sickness.


Gunther Erikkson spends so much time trying to save face, he loses himself in the process.  He allows his carnal desires and needs to take over, making a mistake that will change his life forever. Deep down, he feels like he is failing his son, hiding his pain until confronted once again.


Will Gunther learn to live again, finding it in himself to move forward and be the man Quinn taught him to be?


Affected by the chaos across the seas, Erik Carlson, the head scientist in the program, gathers a team and develops a plan to bring Henry back to the facility. However, the cure he’s offering comes with great consequences. With only one chance at survival, Henry must decide whether to make the ultimate sacrifice, hoping to kill his demons once and for all.


Will Henry accept Erik’s offer, risking death in order to save himself and his relationship?






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