Guest Post - Armand Rosamilia

November 3, 2015

I'm starting something new here on my site - GUEST POSTS! I love authors and, as some of you know, I try to share whatever I can to support their work. So I thought this would be a great way to help out.


To kick off this new direction, today, I bring you Horror Author Armand Rosamilia! Armand does some pretty amazing things. The one that grabbed me and made me want to start the Guest Posts out with him is he collects signed paperbacks for soldiers and sends them out all over the world. I'm talking thousands of paperbacks. Authors if you're interested in helping out his efforts, please contact him!






Writing Full Circle: Highway To Hell 2


Armand Rosamilia


Five years ago I released my very first zombie novella, Highway To Hell. I wanted to see if I could write anything even half as good as The Rising by Brian Keene. I’d been a newer fan of zombie books for about two years at this point and finally felt like I had something to add to the subgenre. The Walking Dead was still just a cool comic book at this point.


Does the book hold up after being out for five years and written almost six years ago? I hope so. I recently updated the story, rewriting the overly explicit and unnecessary scenes and changing a few minor things to keep the flow going. I still love the story and the main character Randy Jackson predates Darlene Bobich, the main star of what became my Dying Days zombie series.


While Randy was a cool character to write I felt the end of the book left the reader with a few ideas of their own about where he’d end up in the zombie apocalypse. Once I really started writing about Darlene I was hooked, created the Dying Days series, and only wrote about Randy again when he briefly crossed paths with Tosha Shorb in a short story, and she stole his car.


But then a funny thing happened: I thought about Randy again while writing Dying Days: Origins, featuring the beginnings of Tosha. This was where the short story of their meeting was added for fun. My little in-joke, wink-wink converging of the characters, however briefly.


Except… a character from Dying Days: Origins, Lyssa, was also gnawing at me to continue their story. I put it aside for over two years while I wrote a bunch of other things, including getting to Dying Days 5 and now working on the sixth installment of the main series.


Then it hit me one day while I was doing something completely different. I might’ve been watching a Red Sox game or while I was eating dinner, but it smacked me in the head how I could easily put Randy and Lyssa together since their stories both ended on paper in Harrisburg PA at the same time.


I’d love to tell you this was all part of the master plan, with dry erase boards and charts and Post-It notes covering the four walls of my office, all leading to this one place where these stories intersected and this brilliant tale was spun.


More likely, right in the middle of me scooping rice into my mouth, the idea slapped me in the back of the head. Ah, the fun of being a writer.


Coming back to characters I hadn’t written about in so long (over five years for Randy and two for Lyssa) wasn’t as big a challenge as I thought it would be, but it was definitely fun to find out where they were headed and how much I’d improved as a writer when I was in their small corner of the world.


Highway To Hell 2 was born and I’m quite proud of it. The novella is a sequel to both books and both characters and hopefully will give closure to a few things readers have asked about for the last few years.


I guess you can go back home, even if home is a zombie-choked infested city.

Armand Rosamilia



Available on Amazon: Highway To Hell 2





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