GUEST POST - Brea Behn

November 10, 2015

Hello Militia! I hope you enjoyed last week's GUEST POST from Armand Rosamilia. If you missed it, please click HERE and go back and read.


This week I bring you Brea Behn! She just had a new release! Congrats to her! Also, please wish her a happy birthday! She wrote a heartfelt message to you today and shared something very personal.







It’s my birthday today. I decided to share what birthdays mean to me. I have many good memories of my birthdays growing up. I am a twin. So we shared our day together. Our parties were special because his friends and my friends all came together to celebrate. Our parents always went out of their way to make our day special. From breakfast in bed to lots of thoughtful gifts that were always perfect. To cake, candles and fun.


Then when I was fifteen, OUR birthday became just mine. My twin died from an accident with a handgun. For a decade I dreaded my/our birthday. What was once a day of joy and celebration became a lonely ache that lasted weeks before the actual day. 


Now, sixteen birthdays have gone by. My/our birthday has taken on new meaning in my life now that I am a mom. I came to realize birthdays are not about the celebration, the presents, the attention or even the cake and candles. Those things are nice, but what they really are about is celebrating the gift that is another day, another month or even another year. 


I’m reminded of a poem called, The Dash. What it is basically about, is on your tombstone are the day you were born and the day you die, but what really matters is the dash, which represents everything in between. That dash includes all those birthdays you get to be alive. It also represents a normal Tuesday, or Christmas or the day you get a promotion. Just a bunch of days that make up your week, month or year. The days that make up your life.


So it’s my birthday today. My kids are sick, there are no presents and no cake. Compared to my childhood birthdays, it is kind of a crappy one. But all the same I am alive today. I get to eat lots of unhealthy garbage food today (come on it’s my birthday). I get to hug my kids. I get to talk to writers about what we love. I get to write. I get to cry for the loss of my twin. Yet I also get to celebrate the fifteen years of memories I got to make with him. I also get to help and encourage others. I get a day to make it as I choose. The point is I get to add another day to my dash.


It’s probably not your birthday (or hey maybe it is!), but it is a day you get to be alive. It is a day you get to work, play, make memories, read or write. It’s just one day out of the year, but it is a day in your life. Make your dash a great one, by making as many of your days as possible be good.


Make today a good one.


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