February 8, 2016

As some of you already know, I have been writing a new saga in addition to my Shattered Lives series. Originally, the first book was going to be published in another Secret Hunger's anthology, but things change (for the good) and I decided to pull out after a change in leadership. I hope the anthology expodes on to the scene and is a huge success for all who are involved. So much talent participating!


This left me comepletely stoked for one reason: I can get The King's Fate out earlier than I anticipated. I have scheduled everything out with my team and I should be getting this book out no later than Mid-2016!


I am not going to tell you too much about it yet, just know it's paranormal with Vampire and Fae...and some very interesting scenes. -wink- Okay, maybe I will tell you a little more.


The King's Fate is the first book in a saga that will have two series' running side-by-side and intertwining with one another. Yes, you read that right... Two sets of books overlapping together. I have the first book for the the other half started, and The King's Fate is in the hands of some very epic and critical beta readers. There will be some interaction between the two in the books. I have already established the connection in The King's Fate. Confused? You should be in my head!


On Saturday night, I had a take over during an event. I teased The King's Fate to the attendees and with a little push I decided to reveal the cover. So... here it is! Please add it to your TBR!








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