The SHATTERED LIVES world is about to get bigger!

September 12, 2016


As some of you know, I’m still relatively new to the publishing world. After moving south in 2010, I began writing, not becoming serious about it until 2012.


My journey began with an idea—a short video playing on repeat in my head. I decided to write it down to see what happened. From that small idea, my team and I have published four full-length novels and one short story in the Shattered Lives saga.


No matter what I publish in the future, this series will always be close to my heart. My team has worked hard with me, understanding my vision, my voice…and my craziness. With all the support, I’ve grown as an author and a person.


After devouring the saga, many readers have sent messages telling me they could see my books play out like a movie in their head. They wanted more.


As did I.


Writing the books to echo the video I “see” in my head, I wanted to envision my work on a larger scale. While a TV show or movie would be a great opportunity, I wanted something a little different. A graphic novel seemed like the perfect choice.


Looking into it, I realized the cost would’ve been astronomical. So much so, my hopes to give readers an exciting visual experience were silenced. I sat on the idea for ages, thinking nothing would ever come of it.


Over the past few years, I had been admiring the artistic talent of a dynamic duo, Diamant. Their appreciation and drive to enjoy and create art once again gave me a glimmer of hope that I could bring Shattered Lives to life.


I contacted one-half of the duo, telling him what I would like to do. We chatted on and off for a bit, discussing my vision. I brought my team into the conversation and we all agreed this would be nothing short of amazing.


Diamant saw and understood what I wanted. They had a multitude of ideas and knowledge about the industry. So I expanded my team by two and am proud to say…


Shattered Lives: The Comic is coming.


Thrilled doesn’t even describe how I feel over this new journey for Henry and Gunther. My boys, my crazy, mixed-up characters, are going to be in color for all to see, and I couldn’t be happier.


While we don’t have an exact publication date yet, I can say that it will be soon. Diamant is working exceptionally hard, challenging themselves to make Shattered Lives a visually powerful and stunning piece.


From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be beyond epic.


For issue number one, Becoming Henry, Diamant is working from original prologue material, along with a short manuscript containing new and old information. Due to the new material, I decided to publish the short story, Shattered Lives (Becoming Henry: The Manuscript), as a companion for the comic. It's coming soon, so please keep your eyes open and continue to follow me on social media.


Thank you for walking beside me on this journey. I am forever grateful to everyone who has shown their support and held my hand when I needed it.































*Artwork created by DIAMANT

**Cover design by Covers on the Side

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