October 25, 2016

Welcome to the third annual ZOMBIE CRAWL brought to you by BAND OF DYSTOPIAN AUTHORS AND FANS! Below you will find the schedule and a giveaway from me.


As some of you know, my SHATTERED LIVES saga is post-apocalyptic. There are undeads throughout books. I put my own little spin on the traditional. Some of my characters have been infected through a government program. There is only one way to keep from turning into a mindless, people eating monster. So how about a little taste of what they go through?


Here's a passage from the second book in the SHATTERED LIVES saga, AWAKENED DESIRES:


     Gage taking off not only put him in danger, but it put the rest of the group in danger, as well. I felt responsible and needed to go find him. Not that I cared if something or someone ate him. It would serve him right, the arse.

     Suddenly, I was in a headlock, had a gun to my temple, and my nose was crammed right into Gage’s foul armpit. “Fuck you, Gunther. Struggle or yell and I’ll blow your fuckin’ brains out. Got it?”

     “Yeah,” I said, muffled.

     He was pretty rank, making me gag. It’d been a several weeks since anyone had a proper shower, and obviously deodorant just wasn’t a priority for some people in these mad times, even though we had plenty in our supply stash. At the very least, he could have washed up.

     “I’m goin’ ta let you go and if you holler, run, or fight, you’ll find yourself with a hole in your head.”

     “All right,” I coughed.

     Finally, Gage let me out of his death pit. It took me a few seconds to catch my breath and force back the pain that I was in. I was pretty sure that I would rather smell rotting undeads versus that atrocity again.

     “Now, see, I knew you’d follow if I left. Chalk one up fer me.” He licked his grime-stained forefinger and drew an imaginary tick mark in the air. “So here’s wha’s gonna happen. Number one: I’m in charge of this gang of shi’heads. Number two: You and my gang of shi’heads will listen ta wha’ I say. Number three: There’s no Henry. And last but not leas’: I’m in charge. Have I mentioned that yet?”

     He had a smug grin on his face. I didn’t want him anywhere near Quinn or Josie. In a snap, I slipped into program mode. The fucker had no idea what was about to hit him. I stood there showing no emotion, just as I was trained to do.

    “Let’s march, shall we? Go on. You in front. Remember, one false move and you’ll find yourself undead dinner.” I nodded, still showing no emotion.

     I felt like I was back in training. I had a flash of Roger spitting in my face. The anger burned through my insides, but I forced myself to stay calm.

     As we marched back up to the road, all I could think about was keeping the women safe and getting my fix. Each step brought me more pain than the prior one. My head was really pounding. I knew if I went much longer, everyone would notice what was happening.

     Think fast, arsehole. Two paces away was a long section of rusty metal reinforcement bar.


     I pretended to trip, and as I tumbled to the ground, I grabbed the rebar and tucked it under my body. Not noticing, Gage ran up to me to force me back up. I flipped over and brutally drove the rebar straight into his chest.

     I held him there for a moment, staring into his deadening eyes. I could see the life rapidly draining from his face. Gage collapsed on his knees, gasping for air, as I sat up. The feel of warm blood running onto my hand had juiced me up even more than knowing he was history.

    A shudder ran through my body as the intoxicating bouquet filled my nasal passages. I took a moment and licked the trail of red glory that was collecting in the crook of my arm.

     Fuck, yeah.

    I looked back up at his face. He was choking on his last breaths, but I had to make something perfectly clear before he walked through the fiery gates of hell. “Fuck you, Gage,” I growled. “I do believe we’re even now. Just a few things for you to remember: I’m the beginning and the ending of this, and now you’re undead food.” Then, so quickly that Gage never even dropped, I pulled the rebar out and forcefully drove it up under his chin and straight through his brain. He gagged for a moment, then went completely limp. His flame went out and I got busy.

     The fresher the blood I drank, the stronger and better I felt. I tore open his throat and drew as much out of him as I could. It was an instant euphoric feeling and J.T. went painfully rigid.

     My headache was retreating and the buzz in my mind was quieting. I had my fill and released Gage’s body, which face-planted on the ground. I stumbled back and crashed arse over tits to the ground myself.

     I needed to stay still for a minute and enjoy the fresh life running through my tainted body. “Bloody hell. That was brill,” I whispered.

     My mind was swirling with a flurry of activity. I felt my body temperature rising slightly, my joints were loosening up and, for the first time in a few weeks, I felt as if I were alive. I was high—absolutely and utterly high. The endorphin rush was making my nerves dance all over my body.

     Fuck me. Time was moving slowly. Tick-tock. I felt like I was tumbling down the rabbit hole in slow motion. My thoughts were dragging and my eyelids were half-closed. It was the most glorious feeling, and I hadn’t felt it in such a long time.

     I waved my hand in front of my face and it left a trail of hands behind it. I chuckled. My skin felt super sensitive against my dirty, gore-stained clothes, making me itch. I shifted around in the brush, trying to scratch that impossible itch. I closed my eyes, trying to settle down.

     “Gunther! Gage! Where are you?”

     My mind clicked back to reality.


If you would like to read more, please go to the BOOK page and check out the saga. The first book, BROKEN DREAMS, is only $0.99!





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