Becomig Henry: The Manuscript
Becoming Henry Issue #1
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Becoming Henry: The Manuscript

Shattered Lives

Artwork by Diamant


ISBN-13: 978-1539117933

ISBN-10: 1539117936

His mother murdered before his eyes, Luke Richards was thrust into the foster care system. Specially selected for what he thought was a military program in the East End of London, his sixteen-year-old attitude and smart mouth earned him numerous beatings, especially when he stood up for the only girl in class.


In the shadows, someone watched, begging for his life to be spared.


Through corporal punishment, the program leaders reinforced that he had nothing, was nothing, and meant nothing.


Identities changed. Luke Richards became Liam Henry Daniels.

Tracking devices surgically implanted, the recruits were kept locked in a prison built on greed and absolute power.


Ordered to leave for the States to put the leader’s plan into action, Liam feared for the safety of the girl he loved, asking another to protect her.


With limited options, he craved control over his life.


Decision made, Liam became Henry.

*NOTE: This is the manuscript Diamant is adapting for the first issue of the Shattered Lives comic, Becoming Henry.

Becoming Henry

Shattered Lives Comic Issue #1

This Must Be The Place

Adapted by Diamant


Diamant brings Rissa Blakeley’s wildly popular post-apocalyptic book series, Shattered Lives, to life in this new comic series, Becoming Henry.

Violent nightmares.
A haunting past.

As an orphan, government recruiters, entwined within a secret project, place Luke Richards into a military school in the East End of London. He quickly discovers who he can trust and who will stand against him. Upon finding the government selected him and several other capable recruits, Luke fears what will happen to the one person he confides in.

Becoming Henry

Shattered Lives Comic Issue #2

Young Americans

Adapted by Diamant


Relive Henry's backstory in full color with Diamant's adaptation of the prequel to Rissa Blakeley's wildly popular Shattered Lives series.

Nightmares plague Luke. They will get worse as his life becomes the nightmare.


New identities given, Luke Richards refuses to conform. No matter what the program goons throw at him, he stays strong and continues to fight against this change.

Roger learns the next step to the program is almost ready. Regardless of the scientist’s objection, he forces the procedure, selecting a vial of untested and more potent serum for Liam Henry Daniels, A.K.A. Luke Richards.